Healing made simple

Our neuroplasticity program offers simple, accessible solutions for hard-to-treat conditions. 
Chronic illness is overwhelming. Healing doesn't have to be.

Designed with you in mind

Next Level Neurons® was created by a neuroscience expert who’s been there. 

Simple science

NLN is a supplement-free, non-restrictive program based on the latest neuroscience. We guide you step-by-step to change the structure and function of your brain. This directly impacts pain, fatigue, hypersensitivities, and dozens of "untreatable" conditions.  

Practical approach

 Our unique, adaptable Levels are designed to end overwhelm and put you in charge. Whether you’re bedbound with brain fog, a busy caregiver, or anywhere in between, we meet you where you're at.

Team support

You don't have to do this alone. We'll be there to answer questions as you learn, and our private community holds a world of supportive, encouraging friends on the same journey.

What is neuroplasticity?

"Neuro" means something has to do with your brain. Think neuroscience, nervous system, and neurons. "Plastic" means something can be changed or molded easily, like actual plastic.

"Neuroplasticity" means your brain can change. 
Why does this matter for chronic health conditions?

Your brain interacts with everything else in your body: your organs, your immune system, even your DNA.

Next Level Neurons® gives you the tools to rewire the way your brain interacts with your body. This creates physical changes in your entire system, allowing healing to take place.

Solutions that make sense

I feel the program shared strategies that were easy to follow and put into practice. My young daughter has acquired great tools and has made significant progress.
Lily, Special Needs Mom
I’ve always known I needed to do something, I just didn’t know what. This made so much sense. 
Adam, Engineer
Meghan, you are a gifted, natural teacher. The information was so clear and well organized. I hope you have many opportunities to share this much needed information with the world! 
Liz, Life Coach

Get ready to live again

You deserve a life filled with purpose and connection. 

Founder Meghan knows what it's like to be bedbound, allergic to the world, and unable to do what she loves. Neuroplasticity proved the key to getting her life back, and when Meghan gets excited about something, she never stops talking about it.   

A common theme emerged in her conversations around neuroplasticity: so many people wanted to try it, but felt they did not have the time, energy, or mental capacity.

Enter Next Level Neurons®: a simple approach to neuroplasticity with accessibility at its core. Healing is uniquely your process, and you deserve access to these life-changing tools no matter where you're starting out.

These days Meghan enjoys traveling with her family, helping out at adaptive dance classes, and eating enough sweet potatoes to make up for her decade without them. Whatever healing looks like for you, she's ready to help you get there. 

Meghan Wright
Founder and CEO
BA Neuroscience, PhD Not Dying
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Meghan, I’ve gotten so much good feedback on your fundraiser [workshop]. People are texting and asking for video already! I’m going to use what you taught - even in the beginning of the presentation I was like “whoa, my whole life makes sense now.” You have to teach this to the girls, they would benefit so much!
Trina, Cofounder, Kranti NGO
I’ve learned about the brain’s amazing ability to change its physical structure as a result of learning something new or to rewire itself to compensate for an injury. The applications for this seem endless. It’s exciting to learn from an instructor who not only teaches, but knows firsthand how this works.
Barbara, Retired Teacher
While dealing with multiple stressors during the pandemic (emergency distance teaching, young kids, my husband’s health), I came upon times when I didn’t know how to deal with my anxiety and depression. The tools along with the neuroscience explanations in this workshop made so much sense, and gave me usable reminders of how to cope. I printed out several of the tool ideas and kept them on my refrigerator for a frequent needed boost.
Shannon, Science Teacher
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