When it comes to stress...

Neuro Knowledge Is Power

Stress is everywhere. Meghan spent her early life under the illusion that she thrived on it. Pre-med, studying neuroscience, an athlete, a musician, a student leader. Until suddenly, she wasn't.

15 years of chronic illness (many of them bedbound) led her to the study of neuroplasticity. Through this applied science, she regained her life.

As it turns out, neuroplasticity can do more than bring you back from the (almost) dead. Learning to actively shape the structure and function of your brain can lead to dramatic reductions in daily stress - which is crucial for long-term health and happiness.

Meghan's on a mission to teach YOU about the power of your own brain. Through accessible neuroscience education, interactive activities, and open discussion, she'll give you the concrete tools you need to face life with confidence and ease.

Meghan, I’ve gotten so much good feedback on your fundraiser [workshop]. People are texting and asking for video already! I’m going to use what you taught - even in the beginning of the presentation I was like “whoa, my whole life makes sense now.” You have to teach this to the girls, they will benefit so much!
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We've talked about...

Academic and social stress with middle schoolers
Teen support with parents
Workplace stress 
Trauma and anxiety with survivors of trafficking
Exam and college prep stress with high schoolers
Pandemic lockdown stress with people around the world

Where does stress show up in your life? Let's make a change!

Meghan, you are a gifted, natural teacher. The information was so clear and well organized. I hope you have many opportunities to share this much needed information with the world! 
— Liz, Life Coach
You're really funny, you know. You should come back!
— Aamiina, 7th grade student
During the pandemic, I came upon times when I didn’t know how to deal with my anxiety and depression. The tools along with the neuroscience explanations in this workshop made so much sense, and gave me usable reminders of how to cope. I printed out several of the tool ideas and kept them on my refrigerator for a frequent needed boost.
— Shannon, Science Teacher

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