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Next Level Neurons® - Beta Program

Learn to heal chronic illness, pain, and hypersensitivity through the science of brain rewiring.
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What's included in this version?

This is a live, 4-week course. It's best for people who want opportunities to ask questions, prefer a set schedule, and love learning alongside others. 
  • Live Zoom workshops
  • Replays available for a full year
  • Education on the science of neuroplasticity
  • Simple, 3 Level brain rewiring process
  • NLN Guidebook with key concepts, tips, prompts and exercises
  • Private community

A Simple Start to Healing

This course features four 1-hour workshops with Meghan, once per week. You'll learn how your brain works, why this matters for your chronic health conditions, and simple steps to rewire your brain. 

Together we'll work through 3 Levels of brain rewiring. Move forward and backward through the Levels as you need, without losing progress. You can meet yourself where you're at, with full confidence that you're doing enough.

Realtime Support and Community

Each live session has built-in time for you to ask Meghan questions and make sure you understand exactly what to do. Together, you'll work through the guidebook and set up for a successful practice.

Plus, our private community provides a space for you to connect with support and accountability partners. 
Meet the instructor

Meghan Wright

Meghan knows what it takes to heal from life-threatening chronic illness.
Next Level Neurons came about from her B.A. in Neuroscience combined with her personal experience, her passion for accessibility, and her desire to see YOU out in the world.
She's excited and grateful to join you on your healing journey.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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